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Direct Mail

We can help you do effective direct mail that delivers your product information and offers to construction professionals. Effective direct mail means different things to different people. Some people want to acquire leads, others want to nurture leads, generate direct sales or retain customers. Whether your success equation is based on ROI, cost per lead, or some other metrics, PrintComm can help you accomplish your objectives.

Effective direct mail, on a basic level, must be printed and addressed well, accurately and cost-effectively. If that’s all you need, we’re happy to help. PrintComm has been printing and mailing for enterprises for more than 55 years. On the other hand, there is a lot more to effectively communicating with direct mail than just printing. Success is accomplished via a variety of factors. We call them “the 4 D’s and a T.”

Development of an Effective Concept and Strategy –

For us, the development of an effective concept and communication strategy that utilizes direct mail begins with working to understand our client’s needs and goals. We can help you develop strategies, concepts and testing methodologies that can lead to profitable direct marketing approaches.

Designing Effectively for Personalized Communication –

There is a unique skill set associated with making well-designed direct mail pieces that also function well when incorporating personalized 1:1 functionality. PrintComm’s team of creative professionals can help you create direct mail pieces, general and personalized landing pages, mobile sites, coordinated emails and social media touches that have the ability to work independently or seamlessly together as part of a larger project. We can build variable 1:1 logic into documents that are furnished by you or we can execute based on your creative brief and branding guidelines.

Data Generation, Management and Utilization –

Whether you need help creating a starting point, making sure your data hits the people most likely to need you most or assistance utilizing your data to the fullest, we can help. If you don’t have a lot of data to start with, we can help. If you are looking to better manage the data you are currently using for your direct mail campaigns, we can help. On a basic level, we can perform USPS presort processes on your lists and clean up bad addresses via the NCOA database. More complex services are also available like merging, de-duping, segmentation, radius searches to find recipients who are closest to dealers, events or retail locations, CRM database integration, data enrichment, postal logistics and list acquisition. And finally, if you’re looking for guidance on the latest technology that maximizes the use of your data, we can certainly help with that as well.

Deliver –

Delivery is about getting the assets produced as effectively as possible and delivering it to your target audience as efficiently as you can. PrintComm offers a broad range of print and mail/lettershop equipment and services. We are fully capable of producing campaigns with static mail, fully variable mail or pieces that are a combination of static and variable. We can produce postcards, EDDM, self-mailers and letter/envelope packages. If your campaigns are complex and involve multiple versions or drops, rest assured, our project management professionals can make it happen. We will find the most effective way to produce your communications pieces as well as find the most efficient way to get the pieces into the hands of the people who matter most to you.

Track –

In order to get the most value from your communications projects, you need to close the loop by tracking the results and evaluating how effective the projects have been. PrintComm can help you monitor the results from your campaign by utilizing tracking pages, landing pages, custom phone numbers, personal URLs, custom tracking codes and more. These mechanisms can help you evaluate the metrics that matter to you. We can help you track, test and tweak your projects and campaigns to drive ongoing improvement in direct marketing performance.

Some further examples of complex direct marketing tools include:

Variable Data Printing (VDP) allows you to accomplish true relevant marketing. Text, images, graphics and offers can be “varied” for each recipient or for audience segments to best meet a customer’s needs and issues. The more relevant your message, the higher the response rate will be for your campaign. A higher response rate means a higher return on investment. PrintComm can help you develop effective variable data direct mail.

QR (Quick Response) codes allow PDA/smartphone users to access a general URL or personal URL. 2-D bar codes with the general or personal URL can be embedded in print pieces. Cell phone users scan a bar code and are directed to a mobile web page.

Segmentation helps you target your offers and messages to segments of your database, rather than sending the same static pieces to everyone. Segmentation can dramatically increase your overall response and profitability. Marketing segments fall into three general categories: geographic, demographic, and behavioral. Once the segments are defined, they can be highly effective in creating lift.
PrintComm - More Than Just Print

PrintComm has almost 20 years experience publishing magazines for home builders and helping building suppliers. We understand the way building products are marketed and distributed, which enables us to help building supply marketers in a way few others can. In addition to association publishing and print services, we offer a broad range of services and consulting expertise so that we can help building supply marketers execute effective multi-channel marketing in the builder channel. We are members of NAHB and the DMA, an interesting combination. To learn more about how we might be able to help you, browse this site or visit, the companion site for PrintComm.

Direct Mail Microsites and Landing Pages

Microsites or landing pages can be a powerful component of your advertising, lead generation or lead nurturing efforts. These pages can be developed to provide targeted information, and more importantly, solicit information from prospects that will turn them into hand raisers, qualify their interests, needs, budgets and advance them through the funnel. They can help turn your brand advertising into powerful direct response ads. They can help you convert more builders from your direct mail and lead nurturing touches.

A microsite is an individual web page or a small cluster of pages (around 1 to 7), which are meant to function as a discreet entity within an existing website or to complement an offline activity. The microsite’s main landing page most likely has its own domain name or subdomain. Large, corporate websites tend to be too big and overwhelming, whereas microsites are easy to navigate and provide highly dedicated content and offers that increase the conversion rate considerably.

Some of the mircrosite campaigns PrintComm has conducted for its customers have helped convert more than 60% of site visitors into hand raisers.

Besides conversions, microsites offer marketers the opportunity to gather important information about their customers. The more you know about customers, the better you can deliver messaging that is relevant. Microsite data can be used to drive lead scoring and can be fed directly into a customer relationship management (CRM) system for future nurturing campaigns. When used hand in hand with PURLs (personalized URLs), microsites can generate even greater conversion rates and deliver additional customer data.

Microsites enable you to . . .

  • Present relevant content to website visitors based on their data characteristics and segmentation principles
  • Use a multi-touch strategy across various media and integrate all activities
  • See who visits your landing page
  • Hand off hot leads to your sales team within minutes of a site visit
  • Score leads and prioritize follow-up efforts
  • Drive the cost per lead way down
  • Use hard data to measure the variables in your campaigns, i.e. list performance and offer effectiveness to refine future marketing efforts

Pre- and Post-Event Marketing Programs

There is no doubt that events are a powerful marketing tactic for building supply marketers. Trade shows, conventions, parade of homes and demo events attract dealers, distributors, builders and consumers who could specifically use your products or services.

Developing an effective direct marketing strategy that allows you to drive traffic to your event and capture data on attendees can help improve your marketing effectiveness. Post-show follow-up is an area where many marketers could realize significant lift. Instead of just sending names off to the dealers and distributors, savvy marketers take control of the lead nurturing process and turn them over at the point they are sales-ready.

PrintComm can help you develop and execute a successful pre- and post-show communications strategy.

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